In November we the voters in the St. Cloud area will have an opportunity to express our opinion as to the direction we want Minnesota to take. I am asking for your vote. If you elect me as your next State Senator, I will represent you in the Minnesota Senate as a conservative, honest and responsive legislator.

I have had the chance to live the American Dream. As your State Senator it will be my avowed purpose to work as hard as possible to preserve the opportunity to achieve that dream for our children and grandchildren.

As a small business owner in Minnesota I have seen how burdensome regulations and taxes can reduce the ability of small businesses to grow and create high paying jobs for Minnesotans. In order to keep the American Dream alive we must control spending, use tax dollars wisely and reduce government regulation of our lives.

Over the past two months I have been meeting with Community Leaders and residents in the St. Cloud area and listening to their concerns and opinions. Such interaction is a critical priority for me since it gives me the opportunity to learn what people are passionate about.  By listening it allows me to weigh facts and then apply critical thinking to reach solutions that honor the values I hold while being compassionate about the needs of all people in St. Cloud and the surrounding area. I pledge to continue to listen and be sensitive to the needs of the residents of the St Cloud area.

Please take a moment to visit my Priorities page to see what the community is saying about issues that we face here in the St. Cloud Area.

My Promise

The Founders of this country had a vision, that the people should rule, not the government. They wrote a governing document, the United States Constitution, as a blueprint for a country where the government could only do what the people said it could. We call this the doctrine of Enumerated Powers. Minnesota has a constitution as well. It also limits the power of the State. As your State Senator I promise to abide by the Constitution of the United States and the Minnesota Constitution. I feel it is important that we read and understand our governing documents. You can see both of them here.

US Constitution | MN Constitution



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The last couple of days has been both rewarding and somewhat overwhelming. First I want to say thank you to all who have congratulated me on the Recount result. I feel sort of like I was running a second campaign without any way to influence the outcome…

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What a great evening. I have earned the trust of the people of St Cloud. I am proud to be the next State Senator for the greater St Cloud area.

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Jerry Relph for State Senate

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Proud to be part of the Vietnam Veterans Association and to march in the parade November 6 at the St Cloud VA. I was humbled to receive an award honoring Vietnam era Veterans.

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Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota, combined with the St John’s Boys Choirs, the Contable Concert Choir and the St Cloud Singing Saints… 200+ singers on stage…Priceless!

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Benton County, Minnesota - Auditor-Treasurer - Elections

If any of my supporters are looking to vote early, please follow these instructions for an absentee ballot. Stearns: http://www.co.stearns.mn.us/Government/Elections/AbsenteeVoting Sherburne: https://www.co.sherburne.mn.us/auditor/elections/#absentee..

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Vote Jerry Relph

Proudly endorsed by Senator John Pederson!

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Timeline Photos

Had a great time on Saturday at the Breast Cancer Awareness walk. Great event for a great cause.

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I will be participating in the League of Women voters forum at St. Cloud State University in the Atwood center on Wednesday, October 19 at 5 pm. Please come and support me as I discuss the important issues in this election.

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Relph makes sense for District 14

Here’s another great Op/Ed in St.Cloud times regarding why I’m best fit for our District 14. http://www.sctimes.com/story/opinion/2016/10/07/relph-makes-sense-district/91703402/

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